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Saturday, 29-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Explorace 1 Sarawak Trip

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Sunday, 23-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
" Trailblazer " Awana Genting on 16th January 2005

Groups - "Still Fresh" waiting to jump in the pool
Groups - getting ready!
Tired after the race....
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Be Inspired. Be Challenged. Be a Trailblazer

This waz a really an endurance race, it was fun and worth it to spend half day in the race! All of us thought it was only 3KM maximum but guess what during the registration it was 8KM. Anyway, all of us manage to finish it ... that's the Important GOAL we have to carry in any race!!!

Tough and heavy going at Awana Genting
The Star
SOME of the participants were literally swimming in mud. Many resorted to crawling on their hands and legs. There were those who were so exhausted that they landed flat on their backs.

The heavy trail that hit the 400 teams who took part in the inaugural Genting Trailblazer at Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort last Sunday, was certainly not the usual weekend run.

However, the 800 participants, who took part in the mild and wild categories of the event in teams of two, did not seem to mind.

A word from ANDI :

We have quite a few numbers between ER1 & ER2. It was great, fun & dirty….me, K.Yatty, Fariz, Faizal, Sanjiv & Ravin from ER1. ER2, Elly, Raymond, Rose (Viji's fren) too bad Viji, Nizam pull off…..…best dpt sponsored product worth more than what we paid.

The results:

MILD (8kms of run, cross 2 rivers, 2x300 meters above sea level hills + special muddy & uphill terrain)

Fariz & Zun (M) = 19 of 49 teams

Andi & Fezal (M) = 29 of 49 teams

Yatty & Elly (F) = 26 of 47 teams

Mijie & Harun (M)= 26 of 49 teams

WILD (12kms of run, cross 2 rivers, 3x480 meters above sea level hills + special muddy & uphill terrain)

Sajiv & Ravin (M) = 31 of how many teams, but ramai giler la catagory nih

Honest rating: the sick, tense and endurance is extra 50% than Explorace.
A guaranteed DIRTY race. No one escapes it clean.


- elly - "Finish it n Never Quit!"

Monday, 13-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rail-ly Fun Hunt 2004

Team YSL, B.Mamba, Weezer & A2
Girl power....
Boyz in da hood...
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Sunday,12 December 2004
Time: 8.00a.m to 4.00p.m
Venue: KL Monorail Tun Sambanthan
Station, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

It was great...loads of fun. We have several regular Treasure Hunters and Adventure lovers join. Original Exploracers team name resurrect here....we have Weezer, A Squared, YSL and new comersBlack Mamba

Lotsa enthuasist of Amazing Race surf up! They are so eager, the briefing has not finish, those people already rushing and running towards the train . KL is flooded with The REDs (gheee I hate Liverpool)...

We got sponsors like T SHirt, Carlsberg cap (no wonder la REDs), just wish we can have that MAS caps, food & drinks as usual. They supplied us also packed sandwiches and in the end, got nice buffet food, free flow of Coke and Karaoke session... too bad Weezer have to leave early.

The results? Congratulations to Team A Square (4th), Team YSL (7th). Well done also Weezer (17th) and Black Mamba (20th) , for us, its more fun than winning, but those who won, lets rock it again next time, so we all ER family can monoply the podium...

Saturday, 11-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bukit Tabur Trekking & Kemensah Ride

Our 1st rest point
River of The Damned...sori, ni la Empangan Ulu Kelang
Melawati, Ulu Kelang...errr...rmh Usop Haslam tepi bukit tue...
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back with outdoor activities......take Fezal & Mijie for their very first trekking & climbing experience.

Expected lots to join, but time doesn't permit.

Lepas tu, masa balik plak terseliuh kaki....frust giler, sepatutnya cycle & main downhill dgn Hanep di Kemensah....dah injured, takleh la buat apa. Jadi aku pun post je la Hanep masuk hutan sorang2.....

Monday, 29-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eco X Treme & Eco Ultra Sprint 2004

Obstacles...next pix is nice view, but HELL for contestants..heh
River for kayak task and back, is Bkt. Kutu, 1050m above sea.
Inside hall, Gear Box for team Hydrapak & other teams...
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Its on 27 November 2004, Nomad Adventure organize our very own version of Eco Challenge. Thanx to Nomad, I was enroll as one of the Marshall and had the chance to meet several nice new friends. I am are part of the Bukit Kutu hiking/trekking team.

I was unable to take a snapshot of all the race location, not even the whole Bukit Kutu, because of duty and some limitation. However, the pix taken here should be able to give you (outdoor and adventure race fans) the insight of the location of the race.

I, Angie and Doc Huwie handle CP10. Less trekking required compared to recee session, however, I suffered a slight fever after the event hmMMmmmmm....maybe I should be station at CP9 with Wye Yim . And we are lucky, the rain only pouring on Sunday....terel betui bomoh orang Asli di Kg. Pertak.

Salute to Yuen Li, Wye Yim and other organizing committee. Thanx to all new friends, Hanif, Kuril, Helmi, Angie, Joyce, Dan, Alia, Lee Ming, Doc Huwie and Uncle Albert. Not forgetting Numie, Doc Peter, Chris, Stephanie, Alison.

Just love this tagline "Your Pain Is Our Pleasure"


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