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Friday, 23-Jul-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pre Explorace2 17/7/04 - 2nd Audition ER2

Macam kenal je brader-brader ni?Kat mana yea?
Dengar la korang segala janji manis...
emmmm...macam porter G.Kinabalu beb!Jgn main2...
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Some of new batch of Explorace wannabe. This shot is contributed by few new batch, just to be part of the XPLR families ...welcome to the club, good luck for all of you. You guys will need it. Please, utilize this fotopages and few others webbie related to our XPLR contestants for information sharing.

Thanx to the contributers.

from "The Weezers" (The Joker Dad & Cute Mommy)

Saturday, 17-Jul-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Philips All Xcess Treasure Hunt Challenge

Start hunt..
Official hunt lain tlg kitaorg.
Tgh discuss answers sambil posing jap..1st to arrive..
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Andy's Weezer's introduction:

Another Treasure Hunt by Time Out Solution. Too bad, the Chempiyen & Pro team couldn't make it, according to Director of Time Out, they are already terel catagory. So, team X-plores don't form any alliance.

Suprisingly, our car is number 2 to be kicked off. We have breakfast from Delifrance and kick off at 8am. Only 25 questions, 2 treasures and submit it at Bangsar. Then have to rush to Berjaya Time Square to do mini Explorace. 8 task we have to do:

1. Spot logo
2. Guest ringing tone
3. Count number of pixel plus logo
4./5. Assemble home theater system
6. Record movie with dvd
7. Guess movie clips
8. Take imaginary African holiday pix using camera

we just won lots & lots of Cadbury stuff, and proud to say, we finish 1st for the hunt and the challenge. Puas hati , altho we didn't create any alliance....puas la finish early and get the chance to chat with the director of Time Out. Friendly person and he acknowledge the existence of this ex X-plores team...

0) Andy

Ezz's YSL's quote:

We rocked at the abv sd hunt!! hehe Had a great time with Andi, Sepol and Yati..Ketiadaan yg lelain (Rina, Fariz, Ayaz, Yong, Ifa...etc) sungguh dirasai.. 0) The "Other" team haprak tokleh pakai... Tx So Much for the buddy car.... As a consolation, we did win as the 1st team to arrive..hehe
However, we also won lucky draw..A Cadbury hamper yg kitaorg divide cam nak mampus dlm keta ..Do enjoy the pics peeps...


Sunday, 11-Jul-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
AWAM All Women's Charity Treasure Hunt @ Kelana Seafood

Rina, Ezz, Ira and Dona having our own grp photo..
Team Trinity's Rina, Dona, Ezz and Aishah
Twins Ira and Rina
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Rina, Yati and I along with other friends went to the above sd treasure hunt..It was for a good cause so no guilt having too much fun..Rina and me was in Team Trinity and dapat 24th place out of 90+ cars, menang one set of Pond's products each..hehe Yati lak team lain and menang tapi takde numbor nyer...heheh.. It was good lah...1st time for me in the hunting scene...But dah syok lah pulak..haha cant wait for the Phillips All Xcess...Mintak2 dapat... p/s: yati, sowee..tah camner lupa gambor ko...sowee dear...


Saturday, 3-Jul-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The Weezers waiting..
Sambil briefing, sambil bergambor..
The contestants and Team from Sarawak Farina, Eppy and Ed..
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Hey peeps..These are the pictures as promised. Congrats to Fariz, Rina and Yogi for completing the race..Based on yr stories, Explorace was kacang ek? Heck, congratulations for being brave enuf to join, man...
On behalf of the pom-pom team, sorry we didn't keep our end of the bargain..Masa finish sorang pun takde!!!
Anyways, had a great time!! Next year, Andi n Ayaz.. In Singapore, Hong Kong and Phillip !!!

Wednesday, 23-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
KK pix part III!!!!!

Andi spy Keat ngorat!!!
Macho tak?Actually he's sleeping
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sorry for the late uploading,I finally found a lap top .check them out!!!!

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