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Monday, 17-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Explorace Post Activties - Weezer training at Bukit Tabur

Yaaayyyyy....berjaya jugek naik Bukit Dinosour ni!
Eyahhh...posing puas2 sblm penat...(tu la air S'gor u all minum)
Wei...syioh!Orang nak test power rock climbing ni!
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We're back, and we all are still waiting for Dynamic Duo to load pix from Ostolia (Australia). anyway, this is taken using Nokia 6820, during our training session as preparation for Gunung Kinabalu. Well, Bukit Tabur, not so high la, around 1000 ++ meter. But its good, considering Weezer don't really have time to go for heavy training.

So, those who never have any experience climbing mountain or just need to "lepas gian" becoz of time constraint? Bukit Tabur just nice for you guys laaaa...... Enjoy it freinds....

p/s: i m loading new pix of Nd Jr. (the Skin Head version), check out in Real Hero for Weezer...

Wednesday, 12-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FOOtos moved to http://nailbomb.fotopages.com

Tuesday, 11-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Survivor All Star Delay Telecast at BSC

Nd, Ezz, Yatty, Ayaz
Ayaz & Nisa, maybe next season Explorace?
Ezz & Yatty.....future Amazing Race contestant
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It was great. 1st experience watch the most popular reality TV show with large crowd. Me, Yatty, Ayaz, Nisa (ayaz's sis), Ezz were there to experience the exciting moments. Although, some already knew the results in website yesterday noon (live in US, morning Msian time)...the crowd just love to cheer their favourite players!

we were lucky, I met my old fren, Big Jay (former WOW Fm Dj), Ayaz met his friend, and they place us right infront of the big screen. Thats great. Its just we are distracted by latecomers, who dress sexy but perut BOROI, what an embaressment!

Weezer's favourite character is Lex & Ethan (but both out) and we vote for Rob (coz he really rules in this game), not Amber, coz she's just riding on Rob's effort. Last nite, best part, Rob propose to Amber, so this Survivor is not only the most twisted & back stabbing season, but also most romantic Survivor of all

Thursday, 22-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Post Explorace Grand Finale - Tribute to frens in TV3

Keat wit Vietnam girl...kidding, Somsak,jaga Angel,Keat ni buaya
New boifren?What about Sepol? Kerol - my director, tu anak Sepol
Feroz (my cameraman) says:"u better took pix wit me or else...."
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just to include few pictures of frens and important people that involve behind the scene of Explorace

Of course, more clearer pix of the graduates. Errr...sorry for some of the pictures of you guys are not in here, maybe in someone else cam.

Tuesday, 20-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Explorace Street Part @Bangsar Pt. 2

Stage... tadaaaa....
Ayu & Yatty and Andi plus Is with cap)
Zorro, Phillip and Ayu (in pink)
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Explorace Street Party @Bangsar. A party just to celebrate Explorace! Do other programmes have their own party?? Hahaha we do!!!

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