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Saturday, 17-Jul-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Philips All Xcess Treasure Hunt Challenge

Start hunt..
Official hunt lain tlg kitaorg.
Tgh discuss answers sambil posing jap..1st to arrive..
Tgh dengor instruction for the challenge..Habis Times Square
Andi n Yati tgh assemble HTS
Sambil tggu amik gambor ngan bebdk Philips
Geram ke sepol?? hehe
Grp photo after habis hunt @ challenge
Grp pic again
Andi the Driver
Sepol the Navigator
Ezz n Yati the Thinkers heheh
Yati posing sensorg
Andi jumpa Slipknot
Dah penat hunting pi makan...
Sepol n Andi semangat nak mkn..
Dah makan, jom balik..
Prize giving ceremony at Hyatt Subang
Tggu ngan penuh harapan
Prizes yg should've been ours..heheh
The Grand Prize Winners..tere siot...RM20K Philips products...
Kitaorg dgn Lucky Draw prize..Jadilah..
Chocolate pun best gak...uhuks..
Posing ngan our #19 car..
Sepol n Ezz tgh wat per tu? hehe tgh attack chocolate...
Muahahaha...Byk chocolate!!!Sampai Sepol high..
Andi n Yati nyer...
errrr....team saper ni?1st car - rasa2 mcm kenal je?
Yeah...team EXPLORACE ONE...the Choosen One!
To hell wit briefing, we're here to rawk and crank it up!
Keat, sorry dude - u sucks! - Sepol
BzZzZzttTtTt....(apasal jawapan x keluar2 ni?)
Ezz & Yatty - the Wonderbra opPpps...i mean wonder girls!
Yeah...X-plores...u r the 1st team 2 arrive, say cheese!
Ha? Abis dah ke? Baru jam 1pm? Issshh tak caya lah....
ok...ok...caya...caya...dah abis dah rupanya...
Kalah ke menang ke, yang penting kita abis awal.
Betui, meh la kita berpelukan dan makan Nasik Ayam jap lagi...
Mess wit me and my crazy frens'll chop your head off!
Lapor la! Eh, ada kaum Msian Idol,blh jadi gaduh ni dgn Xplres!
Mana Mummy & Daddy gua ni, nak ajak main game daaa....
Andy's Weezer's introduction:

Another Treasure Hunt by Time Out Solution. Too bad, the Chempiyen & Pro team couldn't make it, according to Director of Time Out, they are already terel catagory. So, team X-plores don't form any alliance.

Suprisingly, our car is number 2 to be kicked off. We have breakfast from Delifrance and kick off at 8am. Only 25 questions, 2 treasures and submit it at Bangsar. Then have to rush to Berjaya Time Square to do mini Explorace. 8 task we have to do:

1. Spot logo
2. Guest ringing tone
3. Count number of pixel plus logo
4./5. Assemble home theater system
6. Record movie with dvd
7. Guess movie clips
8. Take imaginary African holiday pix using camera

we just won lots & lots of Cadbury stuff, and proud to say, we finish 1st for the hunt and the challenge. Puas hati , altho we didn't create any alliance....puas la finish early and get the chance to chat with the director of Time Out. Friendly person and he acknowledge the existence of this ex X-plores team...

0) Andy

Ezz's YSL's quote:

We rocked at the abv sd hunt!! hehe Had a great time with Andi, Sepol and Yati..Ketiadaan yg lelain (Rina, Fariz, Ayaz, Yong, Ifa...etc) sungguh dirasai.. 0) The "Other" team haprak tokleh pakai... Tx So Much for the buddy car.... As a consolation, we did win as the 1st team to arrive..hehe
However, we also won lucky draw..A Cadbury hamper yg kitaorg divide cam nak mampus dlm keta ..Do enjoy the pics peeps...


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