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Sunday, 22-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Exploracers Wedding, Ayu of Dynamic (Race 2)

tu dia, Dr. menceritakan camner nak ubat enjin F1
pasangan waiter yg sentiasa minum air sirap..Dino & Phil
Sorry la Azrin, kitaorg dah masuk bilik pengantin kau dulu!
tu dia, Raja & Permaisuri, nasib baik tak kena byr tol
Dera time!Task is to sing a song...pucat muka dua2 pelamin...
Syafiq, enjoying the band,geng dgn anak Sepol & anak Uncle
The Ol timer....they rock!
Request from Ayaz...Ayu, Ayaz nak berkenalan....
Luar rumah, belakang tu Toh&Gf, Raj...Ahsan dah balik
Yeah, bapak pengantin jadik John Lennon bersongkok
Beach Boys or Beastie Boys?
Fariz, nak kecek cekelat Capiq dapat...hahahaha
Yatty with pengapit Ayu...lupa lak nama dia
Ayu's niece i think, cute la dgn baju TIGGER tu
Weezers wit Raja & Permaisuri sehari...gelap daaa
Last group photo...dunno when we'll gather like this...
Long time didn't update tha page. Yesterday was big annoucement...for new generation of Explorace, well, for the seniors of Explorace we have a small gathering in Subang Jaya. Ayu of team Dynamic, race in Pahang, was officially wife of Azrin (MAS pilot) as of yesterday. congratulation, semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu. Lepas ni, dapat anak, boleh form team utk next Explorace or Eco Challenge ke...

Uncle, wife & Jr was the 1st to arrive, with Philip Sunday Ath, then Ahsan. Me, Yatty & Jr with Ayaz A2 and Dino (ER1 crew). Lepak, plan out some task with Ayu's parents, then came Zubaidi TV3 with present that have sign EXPLORACE NO-ENTRY! [really helpful malam nanti 0) ]. Masa pengantin bersanding, Saiful of Ariff with wife & Jr. And was called to represent the whole ER1 to present the gift that we all collect to hand to the bride & bridegroom.

Thanx to A2, task is for Ayu to sing a song to all audience and Azrin to re-do a marriage proposal. Finally, we can hear Ayu's singing a song....Hepi Besdey after blur for more than 10mins. So, the judges says, ok to give the prize and there you go, a HONEYMOON PACKAGE for them.

We really enjoy seeing the old timers jam session! Luckily there is no stage diving coz its infront of swimming pool. Banyak la lagu klasik, yg best, bapak Ayu layan kepala, main The Beatles...well, obviously me, Philip, Ayaz & Dino were invited to jam along, but they banned us after 1st soundcheck, koz we are player a heavy metal songs!

Then, Raj, Toh & gelfren came, finally baru la Fariz & Rina. We chat alot, about ER1 experience, ER2 expectation, and how we plan to become supporting character, being the local people at task point. Thats where the idea of Raj & rakankongsi Muniandy, Pusat Membaiki Volkswagon Ayaz, Klinik Hidung Ahsan came in....

Okay, enjoy the pix, off all the pictures taken, none of us bring any real camera, all are using Nokia & Motorola cam fon. So, its kinda smudge, but can do for those ER1 bruthaz & sistaz & TV3 ER crew who cant make it. This is Nokia 6820.

-Weezer For Life-

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