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Thursday, 15-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark

Explorace Street Party
S:Dino, Rina, Hana, Zettie F:Am n Yati
L: Yati,Ezz, Rina, Hana n Zettie
Mini Explorace
Ayu n ? : Task Marshall Syok Sendiri..hehe
Rizal on Stilts
L: Jackie, Lisa, Keat n Phil
Rizal showing off his win
Uncle n Phill : Task Marshalling
L: Ezz, Am, Zettie, Ace, Rizal, Jackie, Keat, Phil
The Weezer...Andi n Yati
Ayaz..or Ahsan..hehe Ayaz..kena kepit ngan Ezz n Ifa
Lisa Vogue Pose with L: Ifa, Syari, Hana, Yati, Andi n Am
Toh n Raj getting their prizes
Zoro n Ayu dpt hadiah
Rina dgn rebondingnya..ngan Ezz kat The Roof
Uncle n Phil getting their prizes
Azrin, Ayu n Yati tgh kusyuk tgk muka sendiri kat tv..hehe
Contestants watching d race @ Bangsar
Party Ppl
Sepol n Keat amik hadiah Hong Kong style...
Lisa n Jackie's turn
Andi n Yati dpt hadiah
op chop..Weezer posing jap..
Syari n Hana amik hadiah lak
Ahsan N Ayaz dpt hadiah Crash Course to Driving Beetle !!
Smile for the camera!!
Yogi minus Simon
3rd place: Sanjeev n Ravin
2nd place: Maria n Jerry
Champion..Fariz n Rina !! woohooo
Ev'body posing for the cameras..
Sanjeev n Ravin during Press Conference
Maria n Jerry during PC
Ish..what the heck is that smell!!?? hahaha
Rina tgh dengor GM TV3 ckp..
Fariz syok sendiri posing masa PC
Gambor jgn tak gambor, walaupun tgh PC
Aiya..what to say..I dah sengkek RM100K...
Cameraman tak bertauliah in action: Andi
Group Photo!! All the Explorace Contestants on Stage..
Group photo session right
Group photo session centre
Group photo session left
Bila nak abis nih..ngantuk dah...
Bole jd model Coke nih!!
Future Explorace Wannabe
Team Gombak: Andi, Ezz n Yati
Ferhad in action..
Sumer happy dpt hadiah...
Ezz with the Champs..
Style Hong Kong, Macau, Laos..sumer ada...
Tak menang but dpt gambor ngan mock cheque pun jadilah...
Raj, Keat n Ayaz
Happy party ppl..L: Sepol M: Somsak n Angel
I bet mesti 1/2 MC today....Anyways, what can I say...Great ending to a wonderful journey for us all...Rina & Fariz emerged as the EXPLORACE CHAMPION !! woo hoo..Congrats guys!! But competition aside, I think the best prize is the friendships that we have developed since the 2nd Audition... U r a bunch of great ppl and I wish loads of great memories ahead!!! Love y'all !!
p/s: sorry some pics r not that clear.. but do enjoy... = EZZ

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